Download SSCLG Service Utility for Epson Printers

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On the official website, everyone can download SSCLG Service Utility software. This software also called SSC Service Utility (SSC Serve). This can be download for free on SSCLG website. SSC software support on a printer that connected to a PC through LPT and USB cable. This software also support for most Epson Stylus types and Epson Stylus photo printer. SSCLG service software only supports the Epson Stylus printers listed on SSC's Web site.

SSCLG Service Utility Epson Printer

With SSCLG Service Utility you can reset the printer counter (ink counter and waste ink counter), reset protections counter, clening head's cartridge and on old Epson printer models its can be used to reset Epson (cartridges) chips. To use this Epson service software, its must be installed first. After installed the software you can access the menu on Windows tray. You can open the menu by right clicking on the application icon.

SSCLG Service Utility Main features.

  • Reset protection counter on your Epson Stylus printer
  • With the SSC software you can reset or rewrite any chip on your printer.
  • Freeze internal ink counters and reset internal ink counter
  • Features with powerful cleaning mode. You can separate cleaning of color and black heads for all Epson inkjet printers.
  • If your printer cartridge supported, this software can hot swapping the cartridges.
  • The SSC software support more than 100 Epson stylus printers models

How to use SSCLG software to reset printer

  • Turn on the Epson printer to reset then run the SSC service utilities software.
  • Click configurations tab on the main Windows of software. Set the printer setting and adjusted to Epson printer installed on your PC.
  • On system tray. Rick click SSC icon then select reset protection counter. Turn the printer off and turn on again. You'll see the printer work normally.

The tutorial above is to solve if the printer blinking. SSC software can be download from the offline website. Download here the get latest version of SSCLG service utility.

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